For my final major project I decided to keep an art journal called 'self deprecating narcissism'. My aim was to create honest and authentic work that is full of integrity. Every day I have been, and am continuing to, create journal entires depicting either my observations and things around me, or occurrences that happened that day, or portraying my thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Initially it may be hard to explain why anyone would be interested in my inner thoughts and feelings or care about my daily documentations, but if we look at films, t.v., books, music etc. , the things we are most drawn to in almost all forms of storytelling are the inner workings of human emotions. Humans are interested in sharing truths, telling secrets and we find comfort in relatable content, putting ourselves into the things we observe that other people have created. I want others to feel inspired by my open and honest documentations and find reassurance via my insanity.

I think 'self deprecating narcissism’ is a fitting title for the work I produce. 'Self deprecating’ can be defined as 'modest about or critical of oneself, especially humorously so’ and 'narcissism’ can be defined as 'excessive interest in or admiration of oneself…extreme selfishness with a grandiose view of ones own talents and a craving for admiration.’ The two terms may initially seem contradictory, but I believe it accurately describes what I am doing. My view of myself is often very self deprecating, which is translated into my art with a humorous approach, but there is also something narcissistic about my need and desire to constantly document myself and my thoughts.

Below is a selection of some of the work I have produced:

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