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Photography Series

Macro photographs looking at the textured and 

patterned surfaces on wallsin the East End of London.


Fuck Women Publication

I created a typographic publication after carrying

out extensive research on the

importance of intersectional

feminism, with a particular

focus on the destruction of

gender roles.

Embroidered Organs

These handmade, embroidered

organs were made in response

to researching the East End

and looking at the areas Jack

the Ripper committed his crimes in. 

Photography Series


This focuses on reality and imagination, and where

the lines between the two blur.

Panda Sex Comic

After reading an article about pandas breaking the record for the longest sex session recorded, I created a comic which raises the importance of contraception.

Kokoo, Brixton - Shop Window

This was a collaborative project I did with Holly Jones and Amy Cranston. We designed and created a shop window for Kokoo, a chocolate shop in Brixton. These images show some of the design process and the outcome.

Video - Wake Up Call

This project involved thinking about and analysing who I am, both as an artist and a person, and looking at how I view the world differently to others. I am interested in what a 'mind' is, and varying perceptions of reality, so portrayed this through this video of my surroundings.

(Music - Where Is My Mind by Emily Browning.)


This is a stop motion animation, about Voodoo magic, Kim Jong Un and goats.


I looked at ways craft and activism can be combined and created a concept, and ran an event called 'Stitch 'n' Reclaiming Bitch'. The purpose was to educate people on language and reclaiming words. I particularly looked at words effecting the LGBTQ+ community, and created another embroidery piece focusing on heteronormativity, as well as a series of digital illustrations of LGBTQ+ tv and film characters.

I also collated a zine for ArtsFems (UAL's intersectional feminist society) getting our members to respond to the question: What is intersectionality?'

'Telling Stories' - A Tribute To Kathleen Hanna

I did this project focusing on depicting a specific person and their life. I chose to focus on Kathleen Hanna, creating a fanzine dedicated to her. I also embroidered a jacket, did a painting and created a photography series depicting a riot grrrl fanatic.

Zoo Project - Animal Puns


In response to a brief set on London Zoo, I created a book of animal puns, working in range of mediums and an abstract childlike style to match the humour. Here is a selection of some of the pages:

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